Friday, May 3, 2013

Ontographically Yours, With Love

6220 - 771 - 2013

Black clay, litanies, secrets kept, open books, scribbled (love) notes, turtles all the way down

Trolls, tweets, gay-best friends, book-reviews, things under the bridge, not too soon

Spirals, pearls, veering diagrams, word-clouds, bits of paper, objects, objectives

Photographs, hearty-laughs, walking in circles, windows, hurt feet, 6-inch heels, turn the lights off

Middle English, mid-semester translations, mid-sentence doubts, mastication, yummy brownies

Lines of flight, Line's Flight, don't blink, don't ever blink, memes, monsters, giggles, pies

Writing yourself in, speaking up, opening out, veering off course, broken parts

Swords, horns, anchors, video-games, hot-rod red beasts, shipwrecked ecologies

Months past, seminars passed, meals shared, salads consumed, worlds reimagined

6AM, PDFs submitted, Blog-lights shining, bed-rooms calling, bon nuit, bon jour

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