Saturday, May 4, 2013

So Long, Farewell

I was originally going to write my last blogpost on the malignant will of the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings, but I felt that lingering on malignancy  and malignant objects was simply not in keeping with the spirit of the class. That isn't to say our discussions haven't been wide and varied, and or that the One Ring is not an object rich for discussion, but that I wanted my last post to linger more on the wonder in our course than bad feeling. I am not an eco-theorist by any means and didn't realize when I registered in December that EBOV would be a seminar focused on the ecologies of the inhuman. But I'm so grateful for this seminar, and the colleagues I've made (met?) and the way the seminar became a constant destabilization of the way we think about the world and pedagogy. That I can articulate thoughts about things confidently, that I can speak confidently as a student and future scholar, I think is in large part due to this class. I am endlessly grateful for the wonderful support we've been able to provide each other, and the ways we challenged one another, and the support thats grown out of our dynamic organically.

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